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Our Approach at Farnham Chiropractic Clinic

Everybody is unique and has specific needs: there is a type of chiropractic care adapted to every person and answering to specific objectives.

Objectives: Relieve symptoms and lessen signs of the patient’s condition. This phase of care is usually the shortest and it is during that time that evident symptoms such as pain, inflammation, numbness, etc. will slowly diminish until complete dissipation.

Who is Chiropratica - Meet the teamRESTAURATION/CORRECTIVE CARE
Objectives: Correct the posture, rehabilitate and re-educate the different components of the nervous system. It is while undergoing that phase that the biggest changes occur: the brain learns new ways to make your body work. During that phase you will usually receive exercises to strengthen muscles, ligaments and other tissues. This care enables a deep healing and sometimes old symptoms will come back to the surface from your muscles or articulations to be taken care of, finally.

Objectives: Slow the aggravation of symptoms and relapses and maintain the betterment that was achieved prior to this phase. Some people with chronic illnesses or degenerative diseases can greatly benefit from that care: it will ensure the best functioning possible given the overall health condition and can control symptoms.

Objectives: Prevent the development of health problems that are related to subluxations. That is the ultimate objective our team has in mind when you come in. We would want you to adopt healthy habits and make sure that your body is working top notch. We will correct minor subluxations that come in your system everyday with stress before they get too cozy in your spine and develop health problems.


  • A decrease of symptoms in the most natural way possible

  • A regularisation of your metabolism

  • An increase in your overall bodily functions showed by a new sensation of body and mind wellness

  • An increased resistance to stress