McGill Chiropractic Clinic (Montreal)

McGill Chiropratic Clinic (Montreal)

Chiropractic in our Clinic

Chiropractic re-establishes and maintains an efficient communication between your nervous system and the rest of your body. Any interference at this system’s level can limit and diminish the body’s ability to heal itself and can cause a variety of symptoms and diseases. Chiropractic adjustments restore your nervous system’s integrity, whatever your age or physical condition.

Therefore, our primary objective is to help restore that integrity on everybody: babies, kids, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, athletes and elderlies.

Here is a list of specific conditions for which chiropractic could help you and that we treat on a daily basis at McGill Chiropractic Clinic:

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  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Low back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Postural problems

  • Scoliosis and spine malformations

  • Infant otitis

  • Jaw problems (temporomandibular articulation)

  • Fatigue and fibromyalgia

Your body can experience great difficulty in healing problems of whose existence it is not even aware. When electricity flows properly from your brain to your body and vice versa, your body and mind communicate, heal themselves, regulate their mechanisms at 100% of their capacity.

The apparition of painful symptoms or diseases is therefore directly related to the interruption or interference of the circulation of that electricity that carries information from your brain: proper conduction would otherwise conduct to homeostasis and recuperation. In chiropractic, we call that neurological signal interference a vertebral or peripheral subluxation.

Subluxation is caused by the inability of the body to stand and endure before the 3 biggest sources of stress in life: physical stress, mental/emotional stress and chemical stress.

The subluxation is a defensive phenomenon that is adapted to a momentaneous stress. Problems arrive because our body cannot undo the subluxation by itself because it affects directly the communication system of the nervous system. It is the same as if a house fire was burning the smoke detectors at the same time as the house. Your body can experience great difficulty in healing problems of whose existence it is not even aware.

Symptoms you usually consult a professional for can be caused in whole or in part by interference from subluxations of the nervous system.