McGill Chiropractic Clinic (Montreal)

McGill Chiropratic Clinic (Montreal)

McGill Chiropractic ClinicOur clinic in Montreal

McGill Chiropratic Clinic comprises three chiropractors whose complementary knowledge and diverse approaches will help you recover and optimize your health without medication or surgery.

With a total of 100 years experience, their interdisciplinary approach, shared knowledge and expertise offer you an extremely efficient alternative to resolve multiple health issues.

After an evaluation of your condition, you will be offered three types of chiropractic care that can accommodate anyone's preferences and needs.

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We want to offer downtown workers and students a healthy solution and resting time a couple minutes from their workplace.

We believe that informed people take good decisions: therefore we take the time to explain clearly the examination procedures, the clinical results and the big lines of the chiropractic care. We make sure you understand where your health problems come from and the steps to take in order to heal.


We have, together, more than a hundred years of clinical expertise. We are a perfect example of the symbiosis between extensive clinical knowledge and new health-related technologies.


Our diversified team gives you multidisciplinary advices and offers quick and appropriate care.


Day after day that we are in the clinic, our confidence and trust in the human body is reinforced. We witness every day the inherent power of the body to find back its homeostasis* and its ability to create new powerful strategies to maintain it when we free the nervous system of interferences that diminish its functioning. Our trust is absolute: your body will do the work given the right tools and time if the condition is reversible in a natural way.

* Homeostasis
A relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism. Simply, it is the tendency of the body to regulate its own functions. (From Merriam-Webster)